How to add contact Us page on your blog


Every blog need a Contact Us page. There is widget call contact us which can be used as contact form in your blog. You can implement Contact us widget as slide bar or where it can be placed in layout. But If you want to add separate page for contact us There are plenty of third party websites which provide contact us page for you.

There is a tricky way to implement own contact us page on your blog. Please follow steps to implement own contact us page
1).Login your blogger account using corresponding google credentials

How to Create Multiple youtube channels using one account

You can create more than one youtube channels using one account. After creating every youtube channels have to verify to enable more features which are available any youtube channel. You can esilay follow the steps watching this video. It describes every steps.

Windows XP Service pack 2 to 3 without any installation

If you are using windows xp  machine most new software installation required windows service pack 3. So if your pc has been installed service pack 2 then you have installed service pack 3.

But this trick shows how to make service pack 2 to service pack 3 without installing windows service pack 3.  It is done by editing you windows registry. Before that make sure keep a backup of registry.
Let see how to do it

Please use the following steps:
1). Press windows key+R button
2). type regedit and Press Enter key
3). HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\ Control\windows
4). Right click on CSDVersion and edit value 200  to 300
5). Exit form registry editor and restart Computer

how to disable startup programs windows 7

You can disable unwanted programs which are run when pc is loading windows. Then OS will be load completely without delaying.
It is pretty straight forward. You have to run msconfig.exe. then you can disable programs what you want.

How to reveal saved password of Google Chrome

You can easily reveal passwords which are saved on Google Chrome. When You saved your login credential on Google chrome make sure others cant access you browser. Else It will be vulnerable for your credential.
Revealing password is pretty straight forward.
1). Open Google Chrome Browser
3). Click on the Menu Option
4). Settings
5). Show advanced settings...
6). Passwords and Forms--- Manage Passwords
7). Click on shows passwords
8). Then give windows login credentials and venereal password

How to reveal saved password of Firefox

This video demonstrate how to reveal password which are are saved on mozilla firefox browser. So when you save password on browser make sure others cant access the browser
1). Open firefox browser
2). Option
3). Security
4). Saved login
5). Show Passwords